The 116th Army Band was founded 28 March 1859 in Atlanta's "Gate City Guard" Georgia Volunteers, Company F. It is the oldest Military National Guard or Reserve Band with service in the War Between the States, Confederate Service 1861-1862, assisted with border service during the Mexican Campaign or the Mexican Expedition, WWI with the 121st Infantry Division Band, WWII with the 170th Field Artillery Band and the 48th Armor Division. On 1 January 1968, the band became an independent organization, known as the 116th Army Band. The band is now stationed in Marietta.

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE: Army Bands are most known for their rousing renditions of fanfares, marches, and tunes recognized for country and service. Army Bands may also feature a brass and woodwind quintet, jazz, stage, rock and pop or Dixieland styles. The 116th Army Band which features woodwinds, brass, percussion, electric bass and guitar. This is a great concert to familiarize students to the families of instruments.